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Foreign nationals, who are not citizens of an EU/ EEA country, are in most cases required to obtain a residence- and work permit before they can enter Denmark for work purposes. Applications are granted based on a combination of factors, namely the applicant’s qualifications and the type of work that will be performed. Work permits can be applied based on pay limits, academic qualification or skilled work within certain categories.


Finding the best match between your business plans and the Danish immigration system can be a real struggle. Especially in one of the world’s strictest countries when it comes to immigration laws. We help you find the best solution upfront and guide you on the necessary requirements for a successful application.



Let us handle the complex application process from A-Z. Our services include on-line payment of fees, filing of applications, guide for submission of biometrics, stamping of passports, following up with the Danish authorities and preparing your new employee for their arrival into Denmark.



Once arriving in Denmark, we assist the applicant with in-country registrations including Danish social security number, tax card, digital ID and mailbox. If you are a foreign employer, we will ensure you are registered in the Register for Foreign Service Providers (RUT).


Looking for immigration support outside of Denmark? We have trusted partners in Canada, USA, South Africa, China, United Kingdom, Oceania, Switzerland, Singapore and many other countries, so please reach out for further information.

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